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How To Bring Intimacy Back Into A Relationship

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To bring intimacy back in a relationship, a couple needs to work from the ground level, where they sow the seeds of love at an earlier stage full of empathy, affection, dedication and passion for staying closer forever.Bringing intimacy back into a marriage needs lots of effort derived from love, passion, and intention to make it alright as previously. If you are struggling in a marriage relationship for losing interest or due to mental apathy, today we will discuss the best remedies that can rekindle your marriage relationship thriving again. 

Think about the basic emotion that invoked both of you to get closer to get the spark back in a relationship. What did you feel when you both met first time, or how was your first date? What was the proposal style? These little emotional feelings would help you to rekindle the spark back in the relationship. You should always listen to the needs of your partner and find a suitable space for sharing equal instinctive interests.

Rekindling the spark in a relationship may be possible if you and your partner both have an equal interest in doing so. Couples can reunite again to spend the rest of their life happily and peacefully if there is mutual love, respect and an effort to listen to the gesture of expressing an individual perspective.

Can You Rekindle A Broken Relationship?

It is a totally hypothetical question. It depends on the perspective of both parties who were engaged in that relationship. If there is a total loss of love, passion and empathy from both sides, then it would not be a fruitful endeavor to make it correct; rather, they can find the right path in life if they are apart.

In opposition, if there is love, passion, affection and admiration still present in a relationship but it has been hidden due to many social and family circumstances, then the couple can rekindle a broken relationship easily. But this problem will take time; it will not resolved in a couple of days.

At First, the couples have to identify the current circumstances that led them to face the challenges in the relationship. The challenges may come from the society, or family side. In that scenario, the couples should communicate properly about the situation which created a contradictory environment.

Secondly, they should start to work from the ground level to sown the love seeds in the soil of a successful relationship. Here, we will be going to discuss the best pro-marriage tips to reignite your love flame.

The Couples Should Revisit The Beginning Journey

The beginning journey in a relationship is always remarkable to couples. The relationship can be healed if the couples visit the place where they first met; in terms of psychological healing, the counselor would recommend you to walk down this memory lane where you both have mesmerizing memories together.

bring intimacy back into a relationship

Walking down memory lane could leverage you to kick the sensory feelings, which might help you to rekindle the dormant spark. Going to the old memory lane manifests that both persons are still interested in each other. Walking to the memory lane can reignite the sleepless relationship between both of you.

Bring Intimacy Back By Deeply Understanding Each Other

Intimacy means closeness, and it sometimes gets weird by its name. But intimacy doesn’t mean sex all the time. An intimate couple can share all the ups and downs of life, not thinking about any circumstances caused by the current situation.

To bring intimacy back into a relationship, a couple should deeply understand each other. Both parties should be calm and have sufficient patience to be good listeners. When one person diligently wants to express their perspectives on any issue, the other should care about their opinion. This practice delves the respectfulness and esteem into the relationship.

If you have any secret of life that you have never revealed before to anyone, tell it to your spouse, but remember the secret should be legitimate and not related to any illicit relationship with the opposite sex, which could deteriorate your present relationship status. If your secrets are legitimate, then this could improve your relationship bonding. Hence, you can welcome a strengthened bond to your relationship.

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Give Up Resentments From Relationship To Bring Back Intimacy

Resentment is the main deceptive factor of any successful relationship. A successful relationship is built with efforts of dedication, passion, empathy, and love. But when the stoppage of resentment and apathy suddenly arrives on the smooth road of the relationship, the relationship starts to struggle. One way to rekindle a flickering relationship is to light a fire literally.

How To Burn Resentment?

Before burning down the resentment and ego, Communicate properly with your loved one about the negative approach unveiled by both sides and follow these steps.

  • Softly chat and follow the process of writing down the resentment and gloom on paper.
  • After writing it down on paper, burn it and affirm to GOD that all my negative thinking and resentments have flowed.
  • Meditate for a couple of miniutes for a healthy relationship and think about the precious moment both have spent together. 
  • Show gratitude by being thankful to GOD for everything you have.
  • Practice it daily untill the proper resolution comes effectively.
rekindling your love back by burn resentments in a written paper

Be Thankful To Your Spouse 

The word ‘Thank You’ is a very powerful word, which depicts your gratitude towards any service or action. When you become thankful to your spouse for what they have done for the family, it tightens the family bond by this acknowledgment. Several negative factors approach eroding the relationships in life, but there are very countable factors that can heal your relationship. The gesture of acknowledging Thank You is one of them.

There is no boundary to say thank you to your partner. Suppose when they are making food for family, after the meal, hold their hands and say thank you for the food. On the other hand, on a weekend, when you and your spouse clean the room and surroundings, say thank you to each other. The way of saying Thank You not only helps you and your spouse come closer but also gives a message to the passive mind that both parties are caring for the betterment of the family.It would help to make the relationship bond stronger and everlasting. Saying ‘Thank You’ helps you to bring intimacy back quickly in a relationship.

Credit:-Steph Anya, LMFT

Plan A Surprise Date To Heal The Relationship

No matter how much both parties care for the family, it may be one side’s duty to maintain a healthy relationship. If both parties turn around from their duties together, then the corrosion of the relationship is inevitable. So, to bring intimacy back into a relationship, plan a surprise date for both of you. There may be a bunch of excuses that may be shot in an encounter if your intention and inner instinct remain straight.

When you surprise a date, it involves desire and mystery. You can suggest your spouse how to dress and choose a location that matches parallelly with both of your choices. Unlike you are obsessed with cricket, and your partner is on football, the frequencies of both do not match, resulting in both of you killing time without any better outcome. For rekindling love and affection, search for your partner’s strength and pair it with your desire for a fruitful result to heal the relationship.

Allot Space For Other

Life is full of diversity; most of the time, you want to hold the hand of your loved one to feel secure and peaceful. But boredom is a different aspect of life when you want to spend time alone or hang out with friends at a party or on a vacation.

For getting the spark alive in a relationship, it is a best practice sometimes to create a distance, which helps to accumulate desire and anticipation for meetings. Give space to your spouse for their liking.

Staying apart for a couple of days can revivify a flatlining relationship and allow the grudges and resentments to go off. Hence, if you are struggling in a relationship, let your partner allow some space where they can find fresh oxygen to breadth. It is the best practice to rekindle your love after separation for a couple of days.

Emotional Intimacy

The primary pillar of any successful relationship is emotional attachment. While a couple struggles in a relationship, it can be revitalized if they have the passion alive in the form of emotional attachment. Emotional intimacy is the key to opening the door to a sexual relationship. 

Practice emotional attunement fosters your relationship bond to stay stronger, and it helps both parties to rekindle love and passion by turning toward each other. The couple should not be in a defensive mindset while practicing emotional intimacy. A defensive attitude can prevent them from coming closer and can radiate a negative impact on their love relationship. Instead of being defensive, both partners can talk about positive feelings, heartfelt quotes and speeches that can touch the heart.

emotional intimacy to rekindle love back after separation

While the couple wants to cultivate emotional intimacy, Effective communication would take the role of antibiotic to heal the relationship. Effective communication helps to discuss the thinking of individuals and their standings and clearly state their inner feelings.

So, to foster emotional intimacy, effective communication plays a vital role, and it can lead to the path of a sexual relationship.

Be Engaged In Sex Frequently

Legitimate Sex is the ultimate result of an intimate relationship. Tell your partner to live an enjoyable sex life as a routine, which could be fun for both of you to take anticipation in it. The sex life would help you to stay closer, and in the extreme moment of the temptation, both of you will feel the glorious moment you both spend together. The situation will push both of you to be on track from a derailed situation.

However, having a sex life as a routine could heal your struggling relationship and sow the seeds of love in the loving field, which had been grudged due to the lack of connection.

Taking Care Of Yourself Should Be In Focus

As you are stuck in a situation where your ultimate target is to bring intimacy back into the relationship, you should be healthy and strong mentally and physically. It would be difficult for you to get attracted to anyone if you lose self-autonomy and individual identity. 

To gear up the relationship goals, it is not always possible to stay dedicated and manifested. If your mental engine is out of fuel, you will no longer be able to survive in a struggling relationship. If you get energized from refueling your mental and physical engine by doing some charitable work, accomplishing any hobby, or hanging out with your friends after a long time, do that. These activities would help you to get attracted towards any relationship and engage to lighting the lost love flame.

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