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How To Deal With A Crazy Wife?

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Dealing with a crazy wife needs serious attention either medically , or mentally. She wouldn't consider your likes and dislikes. She wants to keep herself happy and won't allow you to be in most cases. She would always try to attack you verbally with her candy knife. She could ignore you or gaslight you often, whether you do anything or not. Her attitude towards you would always be apathetic, and she would try to neglect you or fall into arguments.

The wh question “How to deal with a crazy wife?” carries different indigenous meanings. If this question can be put up typically, few would thoughts about her madness and intuitive hotness during intimacy, but here the meaning is diversified.  Have you ever faced a situation when a question arose: “Does my wife crazy?” This is when a man wiggles mentally, facing his wife’s acts. Now let’s dive into the discussion of why a woman acts like crazy and how to get rid of it.

Marriage is a holy bonding between two affectionate heart one to another. The couples cuddle their lovable life with a great expectation of understanding and peace with their love mate. During the 2-3 months after the marriage, everything goes well. The flame of love continues to glow, but when the hustle-bustle of life picks the top speed in its tracks, it results in humdrum experiences for love life. The expectation fades away due to a busy life schedule. This situation leads to craziness, boring life, and even apathy to talk to a soulmate.

What do you think if your wife’s mood occasionally swings, sometimes moody, happy, lonely or gloominess due to these common or uncertain facts? As a result, your wife acts differently in a day schedule. And you probably ask yourself, “Does my wife crazy?”

Here crazy doesn’t indicate an act belongs to a wild, fun, or rollicking way; rather, if you observe thoroughly, you could observe an immense change in behaviour and attitude. You could then feel, ‘Why is my wife insane?’ 

This time is crucial to dealing with a crazy wife. If you deal with this issue seriously, it can be resolved over time, else the casual approach towards this issue could lead to a serious relationship and mental problem.

The first and foremost duty is to probe the exact occult facts responsible for creating major dissipate in the relationship. Psychologists deal with various tools to handle mood swings problems, which can be resolved over time.

But before that, you can use a few fruitful techniques to judge whether your wife is losing tamper regarding your concerns or is quite normal to others. Does she break into tears without no valid and apparent reason? Or sometimes she laughs weirdly? Maybe these are the effects of some hidden tension and anxiety she cannot discuss with you for unknowingly creating a gap between relationships. You should be careful about her mental health and physical health.

Consult with a psychologist first. On the doctor’s green signal, you may consult with a gynecologist. Because the Gynecologist would help your wife to deal with some hormonal changes if arise. After age 30, women generally face a few troubles in their physical balance due to the level down of Istogen, which leads to a change in their mental balance.

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Ask These Questions Yourself To Find The Root Of The Problem Of Your Wife’s Crazy Behavior

You must dig into the matter from the root to deal with your crazy wife. Why is she behaving like a crazy person, or is she passing by any mental trauma that makes her mind volatile? Now, I am starting the discussion to discover the reasons behind the mental craziness.

Has Her Behavioural Attitude Suddenly Changed?

Human psychology consists of four significant parts Clinical Psychology (For mental and behavioral health)), Cognitive Psychology (Eloquoant with the study of mental processes), Behavioral Psychology(Understanding the change of behavior in a different environment), and, Biopsychology (Research on the brain, behavior, and mental evolution). Human mood depends on these psychological factors.

If you find the change belongs to any of the categories of her sudden attitude change, then without wasting further time, consult with a psychologist immediately.

Does She Cross The Age Of 35?

The female physical ecosystem is developed to visit different physical atmospheres based on the age slab. After the age of 35, the estrogen level generally tends to decrease in the female body, leading to changes in mood, and in, unconsciously she may act crabbedly with her dearest one. In this case, her spouse’s foremost priority is to consult a gynecologist.

Does She Face A Problem While Sleeping?

When deep mental stress, Illusory thoughts, and anxiety are muffled under the corner of the mind, a human being under behavioral psychology tries to separate the nexus from the present state. She generally has no care about the present and lost her stability.

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She acts differently, which is unusual for her relatives or spouse. She faces problems while sleeping; Illusory thoughts arise in her mind, and resist to sleep comfortably. She stares outside the window and mumbles solely. All these symptoms cause mental instability and could lead to craziness and weird acts.
The proper psychological treatment can cure this problem and give her a delightful life.

Does She Feel Fatigued By A Little Action?

Physical imbalances due to the work culture, food intake habits, tension, and stress can raise serious health issues that may lead to a crazy mentality. With a bit of toil, your spouse could get fatigued, resulting in indulging in a grudge situation with you. The best solution is to show her empathy and kindness, never indulging in a polemic situation to create scepticism.

Does She Feel Happy With Her Parental People?

After a marriage, A woman leaves her parental abode to a new place. Psychologically it is painful for a lady to cut her fondness for bonding with old homes and parental people. She takes time to adjust to new people and the environment at her new home. If she gets pain and hurt from misunderstandings, leading to severe mental trouble, she could act crazy.

At that very time, she misses her old home and parental people and feels happy to stay with them. This situation can be overcome by giving proper respect to her, showing empathy and talking gently; even if she should be loud, a husband should treat him politely to avoid her crazy act.

Does Her Friend Circle Instigate Against You?

A healthy understanding in a relationship can lead to a successful marriage. When there is a lack of understanding and empathy, problems start ro arise. Your wife feels safer in her friend circle and perceives they are the real people who understand her, but it differs.

They may instigate her against you, which can lead to separation also. Very few of them would let her understand what is good or bad, Instead provocating her against the bonding. Try to inculcate in your spouse how important she is in your life and let her understand your presence and affection

Does She Want To Live Her Life Lavishly That You Can’t Afford?

Living a life full of premium earthy material, Babbling with friends in multispeciality cafes, and indulging in the majestical treatment is a little expensive. These activities require a bunch of dollars and more. Expensing hard-earned money behind these activities hurts a man lot. When he isn’t ready to provide these types of treatment to his wife, a problem may arise in a relationship because of the obstinate mental of a woman.

If you are incapable of fulfilling her desire, the craziness of her starts to grow, and you would ask here and there, “How to deal with a crazy wife?” Before marriage, the best thing is to let her understand your capability and resistance clearly. If she has no problem, this crazy situation will not develop lately. Else your relationship may be paving the way for separation.

Are You Not Giving Space And Time To Her?

A person needs personal space and time when they want to spend time doing good and become mentally satisfied. When your wife needs personal space and time for her well-being and enjoyment within a proper limit, never try to block her space. If you don’t give her time and attention, It may violate a successful marriage’s rules. Try to practice giving time and attention when she needs you.

Does She Want A Baby From You, And You Are Not Ready?

Asking for a baby after marriage is not a negative phenomenon. If she demands a baby and you are avoiding this issue, this may cultivate the cause of craziness in your spouse. If you are ready enough and have financial stability, then why not? If she demands, fulfil it to avoid perplexity.

Have You Treated Her Rudely In Recent Days?

Reluctantly treating your spouse can hurt her, and from this deepest mourning, it could mentally lead to the problem of weirdness. Treat your spouse gently, talk to her calmly and respect her empathically. These would develop a strong bond between the two and rekindle trust.

All questions above may be the common phenomenon of mental disbalances or aloofness to you. Still, it is better to consult with a doctor in cases of nothing is found prominent.

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How To Deal With A Crazy Wife?

i)To deal with your crazy wife, first, deeply understand why she behaves weirdly and what her inside pain and troubles are. If those troubles can be resolved by you instantly, do that in no time. 

ii) If you find her depressed with psychological problems, contact a psychologist immediately, and if this is due to any physical changes, consult Gynecologist soon.

iii)Set aside time for your wife to make your relationship successful. This would evade the confusion and skepticism mindset in a relationship.

iv) Communicate openly, keep transparency about facts and honestly remark on your standing about her.

v) Let her understand how important she is in your life. What you feel about her, gesture your true love to her.

vi) On the weekend, spend time watching movies or having dinner date together.

vii) Never let her feel you think “your wife is crazy.” This could be a shocking attack on her. Try to let her believe everything is going well. It would gradually develop her mental stability.

viii) Never shout aloud at her when she is passing by her unstable mental condition. Try to handle the situation with empathy and love.

ix) Avoid a controversial judgmental mindset to defame your spouse to others. It could inculcate a whirlwind in your love life by those you think are trusted. Never think about how to deal with a crazy wife? Instead, try to solve the problem on your own.

x) Maintain a healthy sex life to ensure you are attracted to her, which helps to cultivate intimacy and affection one to another.

Now We Will Discuss Some Medical Aspects Of Being Crazy 

Craziness comes from mental instability and deep shock that some aspect leads to succumbing. When a person acts weirdly and loses all stability, the person needs serious treatment and attention.

1)Few hormonal changes occur in women as early as their mid-thirties, known as Perimenopause. It generally occurs before 4-8 years of menopause when estrogen levels fall. Perimenopause leads to mood changes with multiple symptoms like moody, crazy and weird behaviour that can arouse a question in your mind “My wife is crazy.”

2) Women, while having period times acquire snappish tamper because of the ejection of clumped blood clots that may contain tissue. This eventually imbibes all energy and develops a piggish mind.

3) While your wife passes through a pregnancy, a pettish mindset can be awakened due to uneasiness, and you could think your wife acts crazy. Try to stay beside her and empathyness to this issue could resist developing a crazy mindset.

Through this article, we have discussed why your wife acts like crazy. And this would help a man to get rid of the problem of mental instability of her wife. But a man should also be understanding and have a kind-hearted approach to his spouse. Resistance can be easily overlooked when a good love bonding stays in a relationship. While the love fades away, at that point, scepticism wiggles its’ head to arise.

Maintaining a healthy relationship between couples depends on trust, transparency, dependency, kindness, and affection. These parameters would also benefit your wife to retrench the craziness from the mind.

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