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What Is Love Bombing? How Do You Know You’re Being Love-Bombed?

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Love Bombing today is a common phenomenon among youth and adults somehow. People around the world who get engaged in a new relationship are attacked by love bombers in a decent percentage. In short, love bombing is a desperate approach to convince the opposite to quickly be involved in a relationship without thinking about the circumstances.

What Is Love Bombing?

Love bombing is an emotional action frequently involving materialistic entities to convince the opposite person. A love bomber goes beyond your expectations to manoeuvre you into a relationship. The deluded activities depend on the opposite person’s mindset and the time frame in which they start to believe by being provoked. The common signs of a love-bombing consists of 

  • A love bomber always presents you with unneeded gifts 
  • A love bomber always needs attention.
  • They like to illuminate in excess flattery and praise.
  • A love bomber tries to lock your boundaries. 
  • They try indulging you in excessive communication
  •  They start talking about future perspectives early.

Who Does Love Bombing?

Love bombing activity is performed by individuals who are equipped with narcissistic and manipulative tendencies. A love bomber uses various flattery methods to convince others for their sake to gain attention, control, power, and dominative power. 

A love bomber has multiple personalities, which they use for different situations. They imply a manipulative act to foster excessive affection, attention, and compliments toward another person to gain control or influence over the opposite.

Why Do People Do Love Bombing?

People perform love bombing to gain control over others’ emotions and mental stability. Love bombing is a hypothetical action people perform to grab extra attention, love, and attachment and plan for future actions. Few people think it is good practice, though research tells that a love bomber frequently grows up with a narcissistic character. Where some consider love bombing to be so dangerous that it could deprive anyone of gaining control of self-esteem and resolutions.


Why Is Love Bombing Bad Red Flag?

Love bombing is an effort to take control over other’s happiness, desire, attention and boundaries. Love bombing is somehow a form of gaslighting where the love bomber wants to establish their decision, intention, and perspective without knowing the other’s standings.

 Gaslighter refuses to take responsibility for their action if anything worse happens; they become sceptical about the other’s credibility, and they become negative stereotypes against the others. A gaslighting situation is often performed by a love bomber when they successfully charge control of another’s life, thinking and boundaries. They do not even think about not dominating the other, and blaming, abusing, and belittling become significant tools for treating the other. 

A gaslighting stage is the optimum level of apathy, disregard, disrespect, and gradual loss of love often performed by a love bomber nowadays. A love bombing approach is not wrong as it consists of high care, possessiveness, attachment, and relationship priority. Love bombing becomes dangerous when it leads the other towards gaslighting, apathy, and disrespectfulness. 

However, if a love bomber maintains the same affection, attachment, and caring till life, then love bombing could be a blessing of the omnipotent.

When Does Love Bombing Happen?

Love bombing is a psychological process that puts its foot forward at the onset of a relationship. When two persons intend to know each other, this is the best time to be love-bombed. 

When you want to know the other person, you might observe that they are in a hurry to be close to you. They start to be possessive of you by establishing random connections through phone calls, messages, and meetings. They frequently offer unwanted gifts; they intend to take extra attention by showing themselves as attentive, charming, and positive to the relationship.

A love bomber praises your presence effusively, expresses their adore for you and is in a hurry to be emotionally or physically attached to you within a couple of days. A love bomber does not take care of your past attachments or pain, and they follow the same rules for their own. The situation worsens when delusion gets over from their mindset, and by then, they have successfully implanted their control on the opposite person’s mind. 

How To Deal With Love-Bombing?

A relationship built on trust, empathy, faith and affection. When two people meet for the first time, it is next to impossible to read, judge and understand the perspective of the other within a couple of days. By that time, you will gradually understand what the other person thinks, what mindset they carry, and whether it would be possible for you to be in a relationship with them. This process requires time, effort, psychological thinking capabilities, and deep understanding. 

When a person wants everything quickly in a relationship without knowing you appropriately or considering you and starts to talk about the plan in the early stage, you might think that they are trying to love-bomb you. In this situation, discussion is the foremost priority to let them understand that they may be infatuated with you, but this does not mean they love you.

After the discussion, if you see that they are still stubborn in convincing you to be in a relationship mentally and physically, you should not think further about leaving the attachment. 

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