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Top 11 Harsh Facts About Long-Distance-Relationship(LDR)

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Have you fallen into a long-distance relationship?, Or started to maintain an LDR after years of togetherness? This article could lead you to gather knowledge about the major harsh facts in a long-distance relationship(LDR).

As technological advancement has spread rapidly across the world, maintaining a long-distance relationship Today is not a hard factor. Various live video streaming platforms have wiped out the distances between people. You can see your loved one, who is working thousands of miles away, sitting at home.

However, LDR has become a common factor in this growing technological world. As the term LDR carries its’ intrinsic value, Long-Distance Relationship, that means distance cannot be a factor in connecting two pure souls. There are many possible reasons for which a relationship can be called an LDR. Most flagship reasons are for Job and education.

People who meet over digital media from different continents or countries can fall in love with an LDR. Apart from the major advantages of digital media to fall in an LDR, there are major drawbacks. Today, we will try to discuss the major drawbacks of a long-distance relationship.

The Major Harsh Facts About The Long-Distance Relationship

People who are in a Long-Distance Relationship should have trust, fidelity, dependencies, empathy, and, of course, last but not least, love for their partner. But in some cases, people who were committed to each other for life have lost affection and interest after leaving. So, if you are in an LDR, be informed about the harsh facts of an LDR

Emotional Bonds May Fade Up While Partners Go Apart

A relationship grows on the parameters of love, closeness, and affection. When two people depart from each other over a long-distance relationship, they have less chance to meet regularly physically. Just imagine how long a long-distance relationship can last without seeing each other .

Lack of face-to-face interaction could raise a question about solid, long-lasting bonds. Gradually, you could lose all the feelings and emotional connection when you both go apart. In a regular meeting, the presence of your partner makes you feel you are subsisting in a fancy, tranquil world. The warm closeness of your partner could inchmeal vanishes in a long-distance relationship.

You can opt for a long time of communication over the phone, but after some span, both of you will realize the topics can’t find their way to say goodbye to both of you. Both of you will unintentionally engage in discussing the same issue. These could unveil the question of apathy and interest in the bonding. After a few days, both of you will feel bored with deep frustration as nothing is new to be discussed. In a long-distance relationship, the major drawback raises questions about the feelings and companionship, which could fade over time.

Raised A Skeptical Situation With A Lack Of Trust And Insecurities

Based on psychology, lovers are possessive in nature while in a close relationship bond. Feeling jealous is common when their partner emblazes about the opposite sex. They feel insecure and are concerned about what drawbacks are being carried out.But all these phenomena can happen when you meet regularly and spend time together. 

The major question comes when they live apart and have little chance to meet. When a normal relationship turns into a Long-Distance relationship, Insecurity and doubts start to be created. 

The various types of skeptical thoughts can mess up your lovable relationship. Whenever your partner misses your call and messages due to heavy work pressure, your mind could start thinking, is something wrong?

In a Race of Trust and Skeptical Thought in a Long-Distance Relationship, skeptical thought can take a lead over trust due to the lack of a physical meeting. Though both are loyal in a relationship, the negative thought of whether your partner is cheating on you can shatter your relationship bonding. Day by day, the situation starts to get worse. They feel that they have lost trust, respect, and empathy toward the relationship, and it would be difficult to believe one another.

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Risk Of Infidelity

The lack of trust and insecurities can help grow the infidelity in a long-distance relationship. Infidelity occurs due to a lack of respect and a loss of priority in a relationship. Infidelity can demolish a bonded relationship by growing apathy, grudges, and resentfulness.

long-distance relationship


Based on common human psychology, human needs a physical touch after a certain age from the opposite sex. This intimacy is not treated as any guilt or forbiddenship. However, this mindset is different for everyone. The couple who fosters respect, trust, empathy, and tenderness to one another in a relationship can’t even imagine the matter of betrayal by intimating with the second one in life.

But when they live apart, they want to fulfill their physical needs from the person they talk to and meet regularly. In most cases, the person wants to balance the situation by keeping both relationships active.

Though the person loves you a lot, they do not fulfill the physical needs due to the long-distance relationship. Hence, there is a chance of betrayal when your relationship transforms from regular to long-distance.

Chances Of Breakup

A long-distance relationship can lead your relationship to the path of breaking up. When the couple regularly meets each other in a normal relationship, the trust, affection, and the path of resolving issues are simplified.

long-distance relationship

But in lieu, when the normal turns into a long-distance relationship, the feelings cannot be shared easily as they are not sitting next to each other and feel bored of describing the conflicts after a specific period. When meeting personally, a couple can quickly resolve any problem with a helpful discussion while they can feel their emotions and expressions. They can hug each other to calm the situation in case of significant conflicts by paving the way for a solution.

Due to the hustle-bustle of life, couples could get busy with work, so attending phone calls and replying to messages sometimes could not be possible. But this situation can incondite the affectionate bond and the infidelity can rise from here. In a long-distance relationship, a lack of physical intimacy can pervert the situation to the way of the worst scenario. They might think breaking up is the best solution than to continue.

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Number Of Unresolved Issues Can Grow

In regular meetings, relevant discussion could quickly solve problems, confusion, and conflicts. The couple can understand each other’s feelings, emotions, and standings. They can argue, but they can pave a path to solving the issues after a while. Your partner’s soft, affectionate physical touch can melt your rock-like grudges and resentment.

long-distance relationship

When the couple lives far apart, the issues cannot be resolved as they cannot share their views and feelings over call. However, the advancement of technology has allowed us to make video calls from anywhere in the world. The feelings are more potent in a face-to-face meeting than in video conferencing. Lack of physical meetings can lift the number of unresolved issues.


Loneliness is the best enemy in a long-distance relationship. While having a relationship, you expect lifetime companionship from your partner. Being in an LDR after a short time company hurts your mental wellness and feelings.

Electronic gadgets like mobile, tablets, and laptops are the only media to connect with your loved one. The LDR cannot make you feel support and touch from your partner. The omission of this human sense from the relationship makes you feel depressed by carrying an upset mindset. You could start to feel lonely and low always.

The loneliness in an LDR would affect your mental stability. You could always be in a scarcity mood due to your partner’s lack of companionship and physical touch. These could be the cause of your psychological problems and frustrations. In an LDR, you cannot hug your partner, spend time with them, and apparently not share your feelings.

Nothing To Talk About

A long-distance relationship has only two communication methods: verbal and textual. You can send messages to your partner or directly call over the phone, which may be a video or audio call. But you could gradually miss the flagship way of communication known as physical communication in a relationship. But an effective communication in a relationship may help you to make the bond stronger and long-lasted.

When you meet your partner regularly, you have a lot of things that may be starting from a less important to a priority fact to share with them. You wait and count when the time will come to get their soft touch, which will blossom your mind. In case of conflict, you could instantly hug each other to solve the issues. But in an LDR, you could not get this opportunity to share and feel the emotions.
There may be many things to share, but you cannot express your feelings for being devasted after a long workaholic day.

But in a regular meeting, you could lay your neck on your partner’s shoulder to feel a soft, affectionate touch, which could drive out your tiredness after a devasted working day. This situation does not need to explain the language; the physical movement indicates everything.
In an LDR, you will always miss this situation, and you could find nothing left to talk about.

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Diversified Direction

Through the journey of a fondling relationship in most of the scenarios, the lovers choose a direction where their views remain uniform. The lovers set a dream where they will live happily in future without any obstacles. At the beginning of the relationship, everything goes well without any objection. Their regular meetings help to cultivate the seed of their passionate lifestyle. Day by day, the depth of love spreads its branches under the soil from the root.

But accidentally, when they start to live apart for bread and butter, the situation turns around 180 degrees. They get busy with work, and sometimes, unintentionally, they miss calls and messages. The conflicts and suspicion start to take entry from this point in the relationship and throw the fidelity of trust, faith and love in the garbage.

At this point, they think to choose a different direction from others. They try to set a goal in life where they do not like to give entry of their partner, and diversified direction gradually forces them to the path of having a mutual breakup.

Financial Burden

Apart from sentimental aspects, the long-distance relationship has the major drawbacks on the financial issues. Just think, how long can an LDR last without seeing each other? It will definitely not last for long if you minimize the bridge of communication and physical touch.

Both of you have the spark alive in the relationship, but you live apart. So, in this situation, what to do? You will definitely go to meet them, spending a good amount to save time you would surely choose the air route. It will cost you a good amount from your savings. This is the major financial drawback of the LDR.


What Kills A Long-Distance Relationship?

The lack of trust, infidelity, and skeptical thinking kill a long-distance relationship. The inconsistent communication shakes a bonded relationship. To save the relationship from crumbling, just make a quick call or send messages to your loved ones when you have a little time.

How To Deal With A Long-Distance Relationship?

Surviving in a Long-distance relationship requires prioritizing the relationship. Whenever even a little time will be available, try to be in touch through communication media. Make an effort to visit surprisingly, which could nourish the relationship.

Why Are Guys Scared Of Long-Distance Relationships?

Long-Distance Relationship(LDR) has a lot of major drawbacks, including incertitude, infidelity, and diversified directions. In an LDR, there is a chance of breakup. Hence, guys are scared of an LDR.

How To Stop Overthinking In a Long-Distance Relationship?

To stop, you should ask the question yourself, ‘Why are you overthinking?’ Do you have any doubts about your relationship? In case of any doubts, have a clear conversation with them. Let your partner know about your skeptical mindset, and it would be helpful to go out from the complexity

How Often Should You Talk In A Long-Distance Relationship?

It depends on the maturity of your relationship. Persons who are in a new LDR could connect every few days over calls or messages. But when the discussion related to persons who just started to maintain an LDR from a normal regular relationship, they should be engaged in contact regularly as a routine to maintain a healthy affectionate bond.

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